all about tena.

this is where I tell you about me.

Hi! I'm Tena Pettis (if you didn't catch that already). I like spontaneous adventures that don't cause too much stress, sharing my opinion with anyone that will listen and competing - in all areas of life - yes, even playing board games with my kids. #dontjudge My priorities include being a follower of Jesus, dating my husband as much as possible, intentionally snuggling and being present with my kiddos, developing deep friendships and my career.

I believe that you can have both a professional and personal life that fill your needs and lift your soul. A life that doesn't make you dance around the perimeter of who God created you to be. A life that is uniquely yours.

As the host of the 'Tena Talks' podcast I love sharing my ups and downs and everything in-between. The topics vary because I think any other way would be boring.  

How I got here...

In 2006 I thought I had truly landed my forever career at a dream location. I knew it may take me a little bit to climb the ladder, but I was ready to grab each rung. After becoming a Mom and enduring 3 years of straight hating Monday's, I kicked the corporate gig to the side and said YES to entrepreneurship. Although I wish I could say I never looked back, that would not be the truth. This whole 'work for yourself deal' was not for the faint of heart. I was craving that consistent paycheck, but the freedom of not punching a clock couldn't be replaced. 

I started in an industry that didn't even have a name and later it was coined 'social media', yes, there was life before Facebook, we just didn't know what everyone else was doing. 

Although this career and company was my life for 10 years, there was another burning desire within me. One that made more room for those snuggles with my kids and being present in our home. I realized up until this point, I was attempting to live my best life in-between the overwhelm. 

Fast Forward to today... 

I am flowing through 3 areas of life that all live under the overarching rainbow of »  'heal + shine'.

• I am leading a team of gals and guys that care so deeply about helping others. Helping families be healthier and more connected with d
• I am hand in hand with my hubs as we navigate messy + unhealthy marriages. We are working on developing more hands on tools, retreats, community, one on one sessions - but for now, we are simply picking up the phone when a friend or a friend of a friend calls with a real mess... one they aren't certain they can walk thru alone.
• I am stepping back into my love of coaching, strategizing, planning, branding, designing - basically all the things. This step is slight and intentional and it feels oh-so-good. You can see more details on that here.

And even though so far, this page has been all about me, it is truly dedicated to you! Thank you for showing up here and taking a chance on a gal like me. I am happy to serve you however I can.


young tena.

Grew up in the 'self-esteem' movement (thanks to my awesome 'rents) and ran thru life looking forward to the future. 


my top priority.

On earth? My hubs, Preston Pettis. Next up » My 3 kids, Preslynn, Leighton + Tenly. 


fav read.

Sell or Be Sold. Give me all the Grant Cardone. 


when I have 15 minutes to myself.

I scroll the gram. Unapologetically. I love seeing people live their lives and the highlight reel puts a smile on my face, if it doesn't -- *unfollow*. 


if you really knew me...

You would know that 7ish years into my marriage, it fell apart. It took us a few years to pull it all back together and now I can honestly admit that it is better than it was before. 


younger self advice.

You can do anything, but you can't do it all at the same time.


what lights me up.

Date days with my kiddos, a deck of cards, paper mate felt tip pen, my pup Titus, a deep convo that includes dreaming and a spicy drink or an iced coffee in July. (not an exhaustive list)


life verse.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. – Esther 4:14


top strength.

Strategic. I create alternative ways to proceed and I quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. This makes my brain happy when I can hang in a strategic space. 


future expectations.

I have a feeling God has plans for Preston and I to mentor and coach couples that are skipping along on rock bottom. I am open. 

If you took the time to read ALL the way down here. I think it's safe to say that we should probably connect on a deeper level - like an actual conversation where you talk too. The ball is in your court cause I don't even know you are reading this right now. Take a second to schedule right into my calendar by clicking here.

Long story short...

I really enjoy helping people and I have experience doing it.